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The Official Human Resources Information System (HRIS) of SEARCA

The HRIS is a collaboration work of the Human Resources Management Unit (HRMU) and Information Technology Services Unit (ITSU) to have an Information System (IS) that stores all personnel files (including their contracts, 201 file, etc.) and a place where all requests to HRMU will be processed.

The development of the Information System started on June 2018 as a contract management system that grows overtime into something bigger and now as we know as the HRIS.

Some of the features of the system are:

  • Contract Management
  • Online Job Application
  • File Leave of Absence
  • Submit Overtime request
  • Request for Staff Development


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Deputy Director for Programs

SEARCA Head Office
Regular Position
Application is until 28 Feb. 2020

Program Specialist, Project Development & Technical Services

SEARCA Head Office
Regular Position
Application is until 31 Jan. 2020

Facilities Management Unit Head

SEARCA Head Office
Regular Position
Application is until 31 Jan. 2020

Why work at SEARCA?

Let us tell you why many people stay at SEARCA and why you should be part of our family

Friendly and Professional Environment

Many people stay at SEARCA because of the friendly and professional colleagues that you will be working with.

Latest Technology

SEARCA gives and supports you with the latest equipment that enables you to be more productive at work.

Nature Loving

The Center, as one of the leading organizations in research and promotes climate change awareness, is practicing proper waste program, avoiding use of disposable plastic-based supplies, and proper energy usage.


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Eidelmine Elizabeth

Unit Head

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HR Specialist


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